Monday, 31 March 2014

Final 30 day shred results!

Have been totally rubbish at keeping myself updated on here. College work stress really got to me and all spare time was spent trying to learn my presentation. Presentation went great and I was so proud of myself :). I was so nervous I could have cried but apparently came across really confident :).

30 day shred is now complete! I moved up to 3kg weights in the end, which was tough but good. I'm passing my dvd onto my step mum tonight and have ordered ripped in 30 which I'm excited about starting tomorrow! I can notice a real change in my strength and endurance and looking forward to more changes with ripped!

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Shred level 3 day 2...

Woohoo! Feeling fab! Really worked my hardest tonight. Didn't modify anything except for the sit ups where I followed Anita. Tiring but great!
I have just over a week left of 30 day shred and I'm deliberating whether to start over with heavier weights or move on to another Jillian dvd... And if I move on which to choose? I think front runner for new dvd is ripped in 30 at the moment.
Also really coveting fitbit flex. Goal for this week - go through old clothes and things to raise money towards one!

More ongoing result pics

Last night I did 20 mins on the exercise bike instead of shred, then did some strength. I'm alternating at the minute until my ankles get back to normal. I'm thinking it was the skaters in level 2, but not sure! I wish I could get fully stuck into shred again.
Took more photos today at 3 weeks in. I don't think I'm shrink very much now but it looks like things are tightening up a bit I think.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Level 3

Moved on to level 3 shred tonight and i'm feeling fabulous!
Had a two day break where I just did  exercise bike, weights and crunches because my ankles were sore. They weren't fully fixed today so I modified a lot the more bouncy exercise so I didn't put too much pressure on them. The exercises in this one I prefer to level 2 by far. Not sure why... it's not as difficult as I thought it'd ne but that could be due to the modifications!

Wednesday, 19 March 2014


So, for the past 16 days I've been aiming to start changing my lifestyle and my relationship with food.

Having 3 children has taken it's toll on my body. I wasn't doing any kind of exercise except for a bit of walking.
I'm an average weight for my height having lost most of the baby weight, but I'm still wobbly which makes me unhappy.

In the past I've crash dieted to get my weight down, restricting to ridiculous calories and I do have a bit of a fear of food. I see it more as an enemy or a comfort depending on my mood and I want to see it for what it is - fuel for my body.

So, I have cut right down on processed food and upped my protein intake. Increased the amount of water I drink and cut down on the coffee. I'm doing the 30 day shred every night and my attitude is starting to change. Even better my body is starting to change!
I haven't lost any weight but can see a difference on my 1 week and 2 week pics, plus my jeans feel a little looser!

Enjoying the journey so far and feeling healthier. Hopefully the changes will continue and my fitness continues to improve! :)